Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everyone Has a Superpower – What’s Yours?

If you’re a good manager, you probably already think about your team in terms of strength and diversity.  Each person brings a different set of experiences, characteristics and perspective to the team that can positively (and perhaps negatively) affect the overall dynamic and success of the team.

I like to extend this a little though, and talk about Superpowers.

Several years ago, my work team took one of the personality-type tests that exist out there: StrengthsFinder  I completed it and was unsurprised to see empathy at the top of my list.  What was more interesting to me though, was who else on the team had empathy anywhere near the top of their list…I can tell you now, that there were VERY few.

This got me thinking.  How many times at work had I sat in meetings watching people’s reactions to the speaker, thinking ‘boy this is going down badly, why aren’t they adjusting’?  How many times had I looked at a draft email from leadership and gone ‘'ooooh, that’s going to drop like a lead balloon, why did they write it like that’?  I guess I had always assumed that everyone thought this way, that everyone else naturally sensed how people would (and were) reacting to the information flow.  This changed my life.

I think it’s a common mistake to think that we are more alike than we really are – we assume that everyone else sees things as we do, but they don’t. 

So I encourage you to determine what your own unique personal selling point is – what natural skills do you have?  What can you bring to your team?  What is your Superpower?  And equally important – what are the Superpowers of the individuals on your team…..’cause what better way to be happy and successful, than to focus on and utilize what you are naturally good at?  

Now that’s Super Smart.

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